OnLine Series UPS

  • OT Series online 1KVA and 2KVA UPS systems

    An on-line double-conversion UPS range for critical applications and especially those requiring long extended battery runtimes up to and over seven hours. with Smart RS232 communication interface.


  • OT Series online 3KVA UPS systems

    OT series provides powerful and overall protection to your sensitive devices. It can accept wider input voltage for harsh environment. Which is developed on the basis of traditional on-line units. Compatible with various loads.


  • OT Series online 6KVA to 10KVA UPS systems

    On-line double-conversion UPS range for critical applications. The Premium Pro offers the highest levels of reliability and protection for servers, voice and data processing IT systems.


  • OT Series online 10KVA to 250KVA UPS systems

    OT series online low frequency UPS using advanced DSP digital control technology; proven technology combined with high frequency machine to further improve product performance, increase reliability and stability of the UPS.


Line Interective Series UPS

Intelligent Power Line Conditioner

OffLine Series UPS


Power Transformers

Battery Casings