• Prodigy Technologies

    Pakistan based electronic engineering entity, engaged in the designing & manufacturing of microprocessor controlled UPS systems and various other Power Products which caters for the needs of both individual & commercial/corporate clients. The fact that we provide power solutions to a substantial segment of the market enables us to stand amongst the leading UPS Manufacturers of the country.

  • Vision

    While continuing with the existing pace of producing quality power products, we seek to maintain a consistent growth. With added zeal & zest, we are up to employ best of our abilities to develop more & more innovative products and envisage the forthcoming customer needs. We are strategically poised to be one of the top producers of the quality power products of our country.

  • Product Development

    The product development team at Prodigy Technologies consists of a group of highly skilled and dedicated electronic professionals. The team is provided with state-of-the-art electronic equipment and entrusted the job of transforming theoretical knowledge into practical applications. We are also capable of understanding individual customer needs and thus provide customized power management solutions to produce tailor-made power products.